Garmin Fenix 3 – Review

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by Geir Mjosund 11/03/2016

We run, swim, hike, climb and go to high altitudes.ĹžovÄ‚Ë Garmin Fenix 3 is not only is the the first smartwatch that is really capable of keeping track all those activities, but it’s also the first smartwatch that helps us become better at them.

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Mountain Training at Sea Level – 6 Tips

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by Geir Mjosund 06/03/2016

Not all climbers and moun­taineers have the advan­tage and access to the moun­tains. We look west, east, north, south envy­ing those that get to climb each week­end and ben­e­fits from a life at alti­tude however there’s some­thing to be mentioned for liv­ing on sea level. Mountain Training is about being creative.

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GoPro Hero4 Black – Review

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by Geir Mjosund 25/05/2015

For those who do not know it: GoPro is an action camera. That is a tiny camera that is designed to be easily mounted on places where it is difficult or impossible to reach with conventional camcorders. It might be a helmet, behind a surfboard, on the handlebars, the gun barrel, fishing rod, car and so on. ampicillin 200 mg GoPro have even been into space. Imagination, not the sky’s the limit. Yes, well, imagination and depths greater than 40 meters, temperatures below minus 10 and over 50 plus. They do great at the places where most of us go, whether it’s in the city, in the mountains or at the beach.

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by Geir Mjosund 21/05/2015

The Caucasus mountain range is for many an unknown chapter. And if they have heard of this mountain range that stretches from the Black Sea in the west to the Caspian Sea in the east it is probably because they associate it with Europe’s highest mountain Elbrus. However, what many do not know is that the Caucasus is not only located in Russia, but extends through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.

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by Geir Mjosund 12/01/2015

Denali, 6194 m,  or Mount McKinley was previously the official name of the mountain, is located in the state Alaska and is part of the Alaska Range. It is the highest peak in North America and is one of “The Seven Summits“. Denali is known for its beauty, its alternating weather and at times harsh cold conditions. The trip requires local leaders from one of the operators that are allowed to guide tours at Denali.
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