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by Geir Mjosund 13/03/2016

Yesterday I watched the mountaineering movie source url Meru for the 4th time. Have you ever had that feeling you can see a movie over and over again, and never get tired of it? For us mountaineers or any profession to be honest, when you watch a movie that is specific to you field of interest, you always pick up something new that you can adapt to your knowledge.

Mountaineering Movies.

Most of these movies are documentaries with real mountaineering legends, our heroes. When we watch this movies over and over again, we pick up knowledge, about gear, techniques or other survival knowledge to our field. We are go to site passionate about the mountains, so we cannot get enough of them. I personally have probably seen these movies about 50 times together, it can be compared to a Star Wars fan, who probably have seen the Star Wars movies 50 times or more.

The list is put together in no particular order, it is just a collection of the best where to buy provigil in south africa 15 Mountaineering Movies / documentaries ever made. We hope you will enjoy them to if you have not already seen them.  Even if you are not a mountaineer, they are quite inspirational and have great images from some of the most extraordinary corners of the world.

My personal favorites is probably the movies about K2 due to my fascination of this mountain, that I someday hope to climb. It is called the Savage Mountain for a reason and is considered the ultimate climb for mountaineers, due to being more technical challenging than price of glucophage in india Mount Everest and its high altitude. For about every 4 that summit 1 is killed in the attempt.

Good watching and enjoy.

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