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by Geir Mjosund 18/02/2015

First of all the mtxplore team want to apologize for the lack of updates really, to be honest we have been very busy with testing products, as we just don’t want to write a review without testing the product through some really though testing, as we feel we should be fair both to the product and our readers.

MtXplore Update

We have also been in hard training, Christmas was good, but we needed to get back in shape again, for this project we need to be top athletes, we have committed to this challenge and will achieve it. So we have been in the gym, out running, playing squash 6 days a week for most of 2015. We hope to post both experiences and reviews very soon.

In the picture above we can see our Magda happy with her new Douchebag beenie.

Douchebags mtxplore

We have also received some really nice Douchebag Base 15L bags that Kuba will write some more about soon, so far we are very happy with them, perfect for the daily commute back and forward to work and the gym.

Big thanks from the mtxplore team to douchebags in Norway.


green mtxplore

Magda has also been testing some healthy green recipes, that are perfect for a hectic lifestyle.

Norvis mtxplore

Then Norvis was so nice to send us some creams that are perfect for mountaineering, more info will come soon, but so far, we love it.

This was a small update on what are coming in the next few weeks from us. We also have some reviews regarding the Ziplongs from Northern Playground that we are testing this moment, yes I am actually wearing them today, and they are super comfortable.

Look out for our post in the next few weeks.

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