Do not forget these 11 little things on your expedition

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by Geir Mjosund 08/05/2015

The road is short from success to disaster when you’re far from civilization. On expedition or adventures the little things distinguish a good and a bad day. Here is a list of little things you should not forget.

Do not forget these 11 little things on your expedition 1. First Aid Kit

This should have a permanent place in the backpack and also let your expedition mates know where. Without painkillers, compresses and wound bandages a cut or fracture can prove fatal.

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2. Sun Protection

Have you ever been snow blind you will never forget sunglasses again. On snow or glacier the UV radiation is extra strong. Sunhat and a sunscreen of at least 30, in addition to the factor 50 to the lips is recommended.

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zyprexa 5 mg biverkningar 3. Headlamp

Always have a small LED lamp present in a permanent place in your backpack or jacket, so you can find it even in complete darkness. Be sure the lamp is not being left in an unknown place after dark.

Going on an expedition without a headlamp could be your biggest mistake ever.

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4. Multi-Tool

Pliers, screwdriver and knife is invaluable. A Multi-tool can be a friend in need, especially on an expedition, as its covers all your tool needs.

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5. Watch

Towards the summit, you need a last time to turn around. Without deviation or exception. Also use the clock to measure effective progress, with the pause and work intervals. A clock with an alarm that can wake you up in the morning is essential.

I would recommend an Suunto Ambit2 for your expedition, it covers the GPS need as mentioned in Nr.6 and also have an watch, alarm and finds your altitude.

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6. Map / Compass / GPS

In many areas, weather can be changing to a total whiteout in minutes. Learn to enter waypoints while there is good weather, and allow time for the return if there is a storm. Use lithium batteries in the cold.

I would recommend going with both an GPS (Suunto Ambit2) and a map on your expedition.

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7. Thermos / beverages

Liquid is more important than food. A bag of soup in a thermos keeps you alive longer than a chocolate bar, especially in height. By drinking little and often you maintain fluid balance better. Always bring bottles in addition to hydration systems, which often freezes.

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8. Matches

Without matches there is little help in food, fuel, burning and so on .. Packed in waterproof bag, with lighters as backup.

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9. Pee bottle watch go here

If you become used to pee in a bottle both your sleep and rest will improve. There are separate systems for girls.

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10. Cutlery

It’s not so fun to dine with twig, tent peg or a folded soup bag. At least not for weeks. The only thing you need is a spork. If you prefer plastic, you should have two sets.

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11. Common sense

Common sense is better than just risk assessment and mountaineering rules. It includes ethical and moral considerations, understanding and compassion, etc.

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