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mtxplore Sweet Protection Outlaw Pants

by Geir Mjosund 08/04/2016

source url Sweet Protection Outlaw Pants are windproof and almost waterproof, it’s quite close to being a hardshell pant. We consider this pants maybe not so good for classic mountaineering but very good for Ski Touring.

where can i buy fluoxetine online A mix of two. Sweet Protection Outlaw Pants is maybe one of the most powerful pants in regards to weather protections and are very close to being a hardshell pant. It is completely windproof and almost waterproof, and it should in theory breathe very well.

Breathing is in our opinion the biggest problem with these pants, tight and heavy fabric makes it easy to feel a little like a jungle inside them, but it can be balanced with one of the largest air zippers of any pants. In use we would like to see that pants had little bit more stretch, but a relatively loose fit makes you still have a decent mobility.

Details otherwise is decent, pockets could have been a bit larger. The detachable suspenders works well and the gaiters works well. The pants also have protection around the ankles.

Our conclusion is that Outlaw is not for those who want light and breathable pants, but is a good option if you want a pant that protects well against the weather and simultaneously breathes better than most hardshell pants. A very good hybrid in our opinion.


mtxplore Sweet Protection Outlaw Pants


buy gabapentin online us Price: 250€  
Weight: 775 grams
roxithromycin 500mg qid Type: Softshell for Ski Touring





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