Seven Summits or Nine Summits

mtxplore Seven Summits or Nine Summits
by Geir Mjosund 20/03/2016

The Seven Summits or Nine Summits are an epic mountaineering adventure of challenge, perseverance, and excitement. The seven highest mountains of the world’s seven continents.  However, there is a matter of dispute between the Bass and Messner lists, which gives us an additional two peaks to conquer. As a result of this there is nine peaks to summit.

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denali mtxplore

by Geir Mjosund 12/01/2015

Denali, 6194 m,  or Mount McKinley was previously the official name of the mountain, is located in the state Alaska and is part of the Alaska Range. It is the highest peak in North America and is one of “The Seven Summits“. Denali is known for its beauty, its alternating weather and at times harsh cold conditions. The trip requires local leaders from one of the operators that are allowed to guide tours at Denali.
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Arcteryx Alpha AR Jacket

acteryx mtxplore

by Geir Mjosund 03/12/2014

We received the trandate 100mg reviews Arcteryx Alpha AR Jacket a few weeks ago, the carbon version. First idea that came to my mind was, damn its light. Its designed for Climbing, Alpine and extreme conditions. It is a hardshell jacket, so its meant to be the top layer in bad weather. I do recommend sizing up for your hardshell only due to the reason that you will normally wear a few other layers under.
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