Mountaineering Movies – Our top 15

sherpa movie mtxplore

by Geir Mjosund 13/03/2016

Yesterday I watched the mountaineering movie Meru for the 4th time. Have you ever had that feeling you can see a movie over and over again, and never get tired of it? For us mountaineers or any profession to be honest, when you watch a movie that is specific to you field of interest, you always pick up something new that you can adapt to your knowledge.

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Mountain Training at Sea Level – 6 Tips

mountain training mtxplore
by Geir Mjosund 06/03/2016

Not all climbers and moun­taineers have the advan­tage and access to the moun­tains. We look west, east, north, south envy­ing those that get to climb each week­end and ben­e­fits from a life at alti­tude however there’s some­thing to be mentioned for liv­ing on sea level. Mountain Training is about being creative.

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