Garmin FR 235 – Review

mtxplore garmin fr 235

by Geir Mjosund 01/04/2016 Garmin FR 235 is an update of the Forerunner 225, Garmin’s first watch with pulse measurement on the wrist, launched in 2015. While FR 225 had sensor from MioAlpha and worked fine with that sensor, the update FR 235 is Garmin’s first model with a newly developed sensor.

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GoPro Hero4 Black – Review

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by Geir Mjosund 25/05/2015

For those who do not know it: GoPro is an action camera. That is a tiny camera that is designed to be easily mounted on places where it is difficult or impossible to reach with conventional camcorders. It might be a helmet, behind a surfboard, on the handlebars, the gun barrel, fishing rod, car and so on. GoPro have even been into space. Imagination, not the sky’s the limit. Yes, well, imagination and depths greater than 40 meters, temperatures below minus 10 and over 50 plus. They do great at the places where most of us go, whether it’s in the city, in the mountains or at the beach.

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