Arcteryx Alpha AR Jacket

acteryx mtxplore

by Geir Mjosund 03/12/2014

We received the can i buy Pregabalin in canada Arcteryx Alpha AR Jacket a few weeks ago, the carbon version. First idea that came to my mind was, damn its light. Its designed for Climbing, Alpine and extreme conditions. It is a hardshell jacket, so its meant to be the top layer in bad weather. I do recommend sizing up for your hardshell only due to the reason that you will normally wear a few other layers under.
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Seven Summits

Seven Summits mtxplore

by Geir Mjosund 16/11/2014

Seven Summits

The Seven Summits are an epic mountaineering adventure of challenge, perseverance, and excitement. Climbing them typically takes several years to complete and is a feat that relatively few have attempted and even fewer succeeded – only several hundred to date. The 7 Summits are a lofty but obtainable goal and the ultimate dream of many mountaineers. Scaling the highest points on each continent is more than accomplishing a checklist of mountains; the Seven Summits is the adventure of a lifetime!

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